Featured Artist
Kate Batchelor

Kate Batchelor is a Suffolk artist whose work is inspired by the fragile coastal landscape of East Anglia, its wildlife and man’s influence upon it.


Much of her time is spent outside observing, sketching and photographing, she then reinterprets those experiences and images through painting and printmaking. After studying Wildlife Illustration at Dyfed College of Art, Kate became a freelance illustrator in 1985.  


Whilst enjoying illustrating and completing work for many large companies it was painting and printmaking where her primary interests laid. Consequently her practice moved more towards being an exhibiting artist for Galleries.  


Since the early 2000’s Kate has regularly exhibited her work both locally and nationally.  In 2011 after her children had both graduated from University she returned to college studying Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, where she graduated in 2014 with a B.A. (hons.) degree.

'A 100 Drawings in 100 Days' 
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Featured Artist
Mark Burrell

Mark is essentially a storyteller who employs pigment rather than words to construct allegories, fables and fictions.


His fantastic narratives are as much concerned with plot, setting and character as they are with line, space and colour.


The voyager's, somnambulist's, disposed dreamers and possessive ghosts who occupy Mark's vision and picture plane are not, however, spectral inhabitants of an ethereal dreamscape.


They sip tea and drink whiskey, mend fences, feed goldfish, grow prize cabbages and watch television, just like you and I, indeed 'you and I' are the raw material for Mark's eye as he watches us going about our daily business.



Featured Artist
Nigel Colebrook

Nigel Colebrook is a local artists living in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Landscape painting has always been Nigel's recurring theme throughout his artistic career, as well as being an established portrait painter. Although his style has changed over the years, he continues to create works that are individual, drawing inspiration from the countryside of East Anglia. Nigel has exhibited widely with works in private collections in Britain, America, South Africa and Australia.



Featured Artist
Richard Dack

Richard Dack trained as a painter and printmaker at Camberwell School of Art, known for its rigorous regime where observation had to be right, and tone and colour relationships stuck exactly.

Richard lives and works in Beccles, Suffolk and his work is inspired by the Suffolk Coast - the ever changing skies, colours and seasons.


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