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The gallery is located in the heart of the ancient seaside village of Pakefield. Over the years, it has become a hub of the community, hosting many events from Art Exhibitions to poetry readings, book launches and even wakes. 


The gallery’s goal is to introduce relevant emerging local artists and established artists. This provides collectors with the excitement of early acquisitions by up and coming artists, as well as that of mature talent.

Ferini Art Gallery is a fine art gallery on the Suffolk Coast, specialising in displaying local artists work.  

We have four separate gallery exhibition spaces

(Baker, Capps  ground floor and Rose and Sutton first floor)

Some of you may recognise these names - yes they are 

locally known artists now deceased.

Each one was a great artist and are still very much missed.

Ferini produced books on behalf of both Don Rose and Sam Capps

Wilfred Sutton's exhibition 'My Life's Work' is still the best we

have held since we began in August 2000.

Dennis Baker was a brilliant watercolour artist and was also

an avid supporter of the gallery.

Hot on the heels of that exhibition is the annual pottery exhibition which is held in October and more recently in May as well due to it's popularity. 

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I look forward to meeting you!

Michaela Hobbs

Gallery Manager

4 galleries
The Baker Gallery

The Baker Gallery

The Capps Gallery

The Capps Gallery

The Rose Gallery

The Rose Gallery

The Sutton Gallery

The Sutton Gallery

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